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    Question solo launching

    Hey guys im new to the jetski scene, (as an owner) and new to the forums.
    I didn't want to start a new thread but the search didn't turn up anything.
    Now this might be a stupid question but i'll ask anyway
    Im off work during the week alot as i do shift work, and im losing alot of days to take out the jetski because no one else is off work that i know.
    The only way that i can think of to launch the ski buy myself is to tie it to the jetti while i go park. is there anything you can buy to put on the side of your ski to stop it banging around?

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    There are these solo launching threads;
    Launch a boat by myself

    One Person PWC Launch

    Here are 'things not to' do threads;
    Dealt with my first in-"duh"-vidual at a boat launch

    Some Launch Ramp Fun From Last Summer

    You can buy fenders/bumpers that fit (sort of) your PWC and protect from dock rash, but the best method is to either anchor it just far enough from shore to not bottom out while you are parking the trailer, or creative use of ropes to hold the hull away from the dock structure.

    If there are other people around, often you can ask them to help, especially if you have an opportunity to help them first.

    Do protect yourself from theft, by keeping the PWC security 'key' with you while you park or fetch the trailer.

    If there is a useful water current, you can use a single rope to allow the hull to trail downstream away from the dock.

    On a safety note, think about riding alone. If something happens to the machine, or to you, who is going to know, and come help you?

    Best safety method is the buddy system. If you get knocked off the ski, you might not be able to get back on by yourself, if you are injured.

    Next up is a portable VHF radio, with DSC+GPS (such as the Standard Horizon HX850S).

    Carry a cell phone in a water proof case, but program in the local Coast Guard and Marine/Police rescue numbers before you leave home.

    Leave a float plan with a friend. If you don't call the friend by a certain time (well after you should have been back already), they can call the rescue people to go look for you. The float plan tells them where you planned to ride, so they know where to look.

    Last, but not least, never go riding solo if there is ANY question about the total reliability of your PWC.
    If you think the battery might be a bit weak - charge it or buy a new one.
    If your engine sometimes doesn't like to start - get it fixed.

    When you are out there by yourself, you need to have a reliable machine, and be well prepared for possible trouble.

    Enjoy the ride, and come back safely, every time.

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk!!

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    That and when backing the truck up be absolutely sure that it isn't going to slide backwards. Put it in park and set the parking brake that and pull back far enough so you don't accidentally pull the truck in with you. It only takes once to learn that lesson...


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    Sometimes I use an anchor (one of those screw-in tie-downs for dogs), sometimes I use a 'beaching mat'. A beaching mat is essentially a piece of rubber sheet with a weighted end to make it sink in the water, and a tie-down rope on the other. It allows you to beach the 'Ski without damage to the hull from rocks.

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