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    Question about Triple Outlet Fuel Pump

    Hey guys. I have been doing some research on some problems I'm having with my '95 SLT750 and noticed alot of talk about the Triple Outlet Fuel Pumps. Where do I go to order one of these. From what everyone says, they are much better for the engine. Also, I went to premixing my fuel and oil. Will this hurt the insides of the fuel pump?

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    Most would recommend john zigler for the pump.

    The pumps will pump oil/fuel mix just fine.

    Fuel line routing can be found here...

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    Oil+fuel mix does not bother the fuel pump.

    John Zigler is a safe bet for a triple outlet fuel pump.

    Now that you are running pre-mix, you may need to open up the carb adjustment screws a tiny bit, to accommodate for the oil displacing some of the fuel in the carb jets.

    Did you remove the oil pump and oil pump drive shaft, and install a sealed block off plate on the crank case?

    If it has not been done already, you really need to change ALL the fuel lines, including any inside the fuel tank. Be sure to check the fuel return hose for a small metal fuel restrictor located inside the return fuel line, near the last carb.

    Change the fuel filter if you have one, and install one if you don't. Check or just disassemble and clean the fuel selector valve/switch. Lightly grease the new O-rings when you put it back together.

    Some searching on here will reveal other common Fuji model (SL & SLT 650, 750, 780) maintenance and upgrade items, like trimming the spark plug wires back at each plug.

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    A++++++ on JOHN, I have bought parts from him including the triple pump, very fare on price and shipping

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    There you have it c res q ^^^^^

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