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    FS: 04 Kawasaki Ultra DI 130 150 CT

    FS: 2004 Kawasaki Ultra 130DI fuel injected Jet ski.
    The ski has 58hrs on it. We are the original owners. I did all the maintenence on it while my significant other rode it. She mostly just cruises around on it and does not ride wot for long periods of time. To say this ski has been babied would be an understatement. The hull has MINIMAL wear and tear. As you can see by looking at the engine compartment, I was meticulous about cleaning the ski inside and out after every ride. It has seen both salt and fresh water. We just bought another rxp so now this ski is going up for sale. It has been extremely reliable. we have never fixed a single thing. Ski has a prop and intake grate (I do not remember prop pitch). The hood has also been professionally airbrushed. It looks really cool.
    The battery was just replaced. I will inlcude the OEM cover and 2 life vests. I have a single triton trailer that can be added to the purchase of the ski.
    Right now, Ill start taking offers. In July, the dealership offered us 4200 on trade in. We are not in a rush to sell and Dont mind waiting till spring (in fact, I expect to) but its free to list here, so why not? LMK if theres any interest.

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    Heres a good source of references. Ive sold on ebay for 9 years. 2200+ transactions. 99.5% feedback. Im easy to deal with and I dont sell junk. My feedback history speaks for itself. &ftab=AllFeedback

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    Heres a pic of the trailer

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    if only you lived closer!!! wanna make a trip to florida? ill pay for the gas!

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    No, but Id be willing to drive as far as Va to meet you if you want to buy it. I dont know how far south in Fl you are. If youre in northern Fl, that may be something to consider. It can be done in a day. Gas prices are low right now. If youre serious and you think it might be realistic, PM me.

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    guess not..


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    ebay is now free so well give there a shot too.

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    free bump for a nice looking ski!

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    thanks, brother.

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    Thumbs up

    Bump for a buddy in CT..

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