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    Pistons after hone?

    For my honed Gp1200r cylinders i'am searching for some pistons.

    I heard some stories that i could only use original yamaha, is that thru?


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    well...... you may use non oem pistons
    the 66v cylinder has a nicasil plating
    the cylinder has a # stamped on it like 1-5,6-10,11-15
    1-5 would be a piston
    6-10 would be a b piston
    11-15 .....c piston
    the piston needs to be matched to the # group

    but the real question
    why did you hone?and whats wrong with the old pistons?

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    How did you hone? and what is your new bore measurement?

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    Hey Bill... In the case of Pro-X, I could never find a "C" piston.. I was told to use the "B"

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    oke thanks! 2 times number 10 and one number 14. That's easy.

    I didn't hone them myself. They had some very, very litte scratches so i chose to let them hone/pollisch.

    i will take a look at ebay for the pistons


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