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    Going price for 2008 15F?

    I have a 250X and my friend is in process of buying a 2008 15F, what is the going price OTD for a 2008 15F? He can purchase near Orlando or Philadelphia area.

    Also where to get a nice double trailer at a fair price?


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    I bought mine from Riva. B4 June. Got it down to 7850.With No Trailer
    Try Riva Mang..There service there is great.Easy to talk to, and very personable,they can help you with what ever.Since..the 08's are on Clearance.They should b way cheaper. and there having sales this Saturday..better hurry

    Good Luck .Your Friend is buying an excellent Machine.

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    ill sell you a 08 15F near philly. has some appeaqrance mods. Clean as heck... and a loadrite trailer. 7k.. still has warranty also

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    In Orlando at Kissimee Motorsports asking $7,000 for 08 15F. I will give you the contact # and name if needed. Don't know the otd price.

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    I purchased my 08 15F OTD no trailer for 7500. This of course did NOT include Tax which changes from local to local. Kawasaki also tossed in a gas card for $250 bucks. I did my haggling at the NY boat show last January.

    With the way the economy is at the moment, cash is king. I'm sure that if you wait for a boat show in your local area, you could get some really great deals. If I were to do it over again, after I settled on a price for the ski, do some barganing on the warrenty or have it included in the price.

    Going to the NY boat show next weekend. I sure would hate to be a commissioned salesman at that show. With Wall Street in the tank, I don't think they are going to be selling a lot of boats.

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    how can you get a good deal at a boat show?

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    Dealers are at shows to sell sell sell; that plus often times there are several dealers at the same show so you walk up to one, have them make their best offer, and walk over to another one and have THEM make their best offer. Also, the manufacurors often give incentives to dealers to move as much product as much as possible.

    Another going factor is that we're in the middle of Winter. At least in the NE, the weather, coupled with the economy, people are not in the mood to spend money on Jet Skiis.

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