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    Stroker motor question

    How is everyone handling the increase in stroke on their motors???? I'm going to be building an increased stroke motor in the near future. I haven't talked to any engine builders about this project yet....
    I was considering making a spacer plate to reside between the case and the cylinders to handle the increase stroke of the crank. I have seen this done on some older Seadoo motors, particularly the 720's when stretching them out to 800+cc's. On the 66V's, how is this being done??? Machining the head to allow for the increase in stroke? What about port timing? Are all the port roofs raised to accomodate for the increase in stroke or are they left alone except for maybel the exhaust port? I like the porting of my current 927's just want to pick up a few more cc's and some hp and torque. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Just trying to educate myself a little further before I call a few engine builders.

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    Just a quick note, while I have seen them, I have three SEA-DOO strokers af varying degrees, none use a lyberith spacer plate (that would increase case volume) all have either a custom recessed head or use a head spacer plate.

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