I have a 01' 1200r motor that threw a rod. It went through the topside of the case and trashed the rear cylinder.The cylinder has a piece of skirt broken off of it. The other two cylinders/pistons appear to be good. It still has the exhaust mounted and powervalves are intact. It will come with the the flywheel still attached and the cover and stator also.I will include the head, which will need milled and the entire stock exhaust with the covers. With work I don't have time to fool with it right now. I am getting rid of the remaining parts of this ski to start my new project after the holidays!

So the GOOD
2 cylinders w/ pistons
powervalve assembly minus servo
Full exhaust
Exhaust covers

And the BAD
trashed crank
trashed cases
Head with damage
broken skirt of damaged cylinder

I am wanting to sell this whole and believe the weight would be over UPS shipping. I would crate this motor for free if you can arrange shipping for it. I have a low hour servo, stater, and bendix for an additional price.

I am asking $500.00 for the entire package.

I will post pics as soon as they come available.