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    My sport is falling apart...

    First they cancel the Canadain F1 Grand Prix... (the only race I can go to because i DONT FLY)

    Now Honda leaves F1 due to the current financial crisis!!

    Now they are goin to standardise engines and transmisions.. (Nascar style)

    Ferrari has vowed to quit F1 if they do so.... AHHH the drama~~

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    yeah, I seen that. Standardizing F-1 is not cool.....its bad enough displacement has been altered over the years, and if Ferrari leaves, then

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    Guess they want to make everthing "fair". IMO, fair=boring. It's unfortunate that all the sanctioning bodies think we like to watch boring, cookie-cutter racecars on boring, cookie-cutter tracks. Bring back the days of one man, one car independent racers that raced for a little bit of money so they could race again the next week.

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    competition breads inovation. i think making them all equal is poring my self. now i think it would be cool if they limited the amount of fuel they could use per a track and slowly cut it back every year.

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    I know it is not F1, but Audi annouced they are leaving ALMS....Guess after dominating for over 8 years they are bored....

    Now, if F1 standardises the engines and trannys, the sport will be dead for sure...

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    If people liked watching pro racers in equal cars then IROC would be the dominant for of racing on the planet. Last I heard they are having big trouble organizing events. Fans want different engines, different set ups, different everything.

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