Ultra 250 ODI grip install
I'm not a big fan of the curved grips used on the kawi. So I changed them out to ODI Rogue grips.

I had to cut the bar ends off. If you are looking to replace the bar, be advised that it is a standup-style bar. The grips are vulcanized rubber, so a razor works. You can heat them, or just peel them off. The switch housing and throttle are screwed on. The cover is screwed on, then captured on a back piece. The buzzer goes inside the foam.
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Ultra 250 Pelican Case Install
The glove box sucks to store important stuff like keys, wallet, phone, IMHO since you have to open it all the time to play with your dingy-key. Sure fire way to get them wet or lost is have that door open on the water. Especially true if you ride rough water.

I've been using these small Pelican Case's to store things like cameras and small important items.

I mounted this one up/inside the hood, in a mostly wasted space area. It holds whatever you want, and has the little foam-blocks that you tear out to fit your gear.

Weight is about a pound or less.

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Ultra 250 Reverse Lever Detent removal

Actually I just cut off the lobe with a dremal. Even if you don't want to cut off the detent, at a minimum, put some grease on it. As it sits, it grinds like sandpaper.
  • -Take off the side cover.
    • 1 nut up front.
    • 2 bolt/nut top and rear.
    • Take off the gas cap at the chain.
    • GENTLY pull the cover over the reverse lever and gas cap.
  • Note which tab it rubs on.
  • Remove the reverse lever.
  • Dremel off the tab.
  • Put everything back together.
I tested it completely yesterday.

Upside of being removed:
  • You can smoothly, and quickly go back and forth from for/rev.
  • No more accidentally wretching the handle to the side.
  • No more blindly searching for the button.
  • No more wiggling the handle to get it over the detent.
  • It doesn't pop out of reverse, or forward.
  • No pinching your fingers on the lever.
Downsides of being removed:
  • I scratched my paint before taking off the side panel.
  • I couldn't find a "neutral" position, very easily unless I held it there.
  • Don't grab the reverse at 10mph, or you will submarine.
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