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    Rxp cover

    Just bought a 2006 RXP and it has no cover. looking at covers and they are listed for 2004 to 2006 or 2007 to 2008,whats the difference? I can get a good deal on one for a 2007 and was hoping they all fit.Thanks

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    the 07 will fit your 06... the fitment will be off so minorly that there's a pretty large chance you wont even notice it.

    the major difference is that the handlebars for 07+ are wider than your 06... but the covers are snug so it will be fine, it wont be excessively baggy or anything because of it

    so if u can save that much extra $$... then by all means dont let it bother you

    you can't go the other way tho... dont get an 06 cover if you have an 07+ ski... the cover sometimes wont even go on at all (variances in stiching and manufacturing)

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    cool,thanks for the reply

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