Anyone else have any insight on this issue?
I think the original number was 21175-3731
I replaced my ECU, (just after the warranty ran out) with a new one that I have to wait three month for. The new one is the 21175-3737.
I know the '06 had a rev. limit at 7500rpm's, I think this -3737 has a higher limit.
I have been trying to get some kind of spec sheet on it.
Another issue that has come about with this newer -3737 is that my K.D.S. software will not recognize it.
KDS software version is V2.4 1999 - 2008
We took and old early '03 model 12F ECU and pluged it in. The computer lit right up with all kinds of info. That older STX 12F ECU part number is 21175-3725.
With the -3737 pluged back in, there is NO comunications at all.
Anyone got an answer?, or idea?
KDS message on screen said update data base. How is that done?
The software is new. I think there is a V 3.0 , will this this work or is that just for street bikes?

We are in line for a 260x, will this work on that platform?
I think the 250/260 needs a few extra connectors from what the 15F uses, ...is that right?

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