R5WaterXracing is proud to announce the "Tentative" schedule for the 2009 R5WaterXRacing Tour for R5 and R9!

Some dates may change, We are currently working on a few sites and possible venues! So stay tuned to www.r5waterxracing.com and www.pwctoday.com as well as www.greenhulk.net for more info!

Region 5

April 18-19th Beaumont Tx at Boomtown WaterPark Lake

May 23-24th Lake Bryan or New Mexico (workin on it)

June R5 is in R9

July 4-5th Liberty by The Lake Challenge, Lewisville Lake, The Colony Tx We will be the main event with the festival and fireworks and saturday night! VIP baby!)

Aug 22-23 Stillwater Ok at Boomer Lake (Racing with the HydroBoats!) Or Baytown Tx at genes Powersports Victory Lake

Region 9

June 13-14th El Dorado Ks

July 25-26th Lincoln Ne or diff spot (Working on it)

Aug 22-23 (Tentative) R9 Regional Finals Most likely will be in Stillwater Ok

Again these dates and sites are tentative except for The Beaumont race in R5 and The July 4th Race in R5 as well as the race in R9 in El Dorado

Any questions, suggestions or comments please call us at 214-498-3592