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    Screw Missing -- Will I be OK?

    I just purchased an 07 ULTRA 250X with 23 hours on it and took it to my dealership to get the 25 hour service were they changed the oil & the spark plugs and was planning to ride it for the first time this weekend, but as I was going through the ski I noticed that it's missing one of the four screws from the Riva straight pipe exhaust plate and I don't think I can get the screw locally.

    Question is:

    Can the bilge pump keep up with the hole from the missing screw so that I can atleast try out the SKI?

    How are these screws held is there a washer and a nut on the inside or is the plate threaded?


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    are you talking about the thruhull piece that bolts to the outside of the hull w/ 4 screws and the annodized riva cover goes over it?

    If so, you're fine. if i recall, there is a metal hull fitting behind that and i dont think the hole goes all the way through, but i may be wrong. and a bilge pump would keep up no problem. if you're running all the time, water wouldnt get in anyway.

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    Agree 100% you will be fine


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    Thanks Guys. I was able to find a stee; screw that will fit for the meantime until I get a stainless steel screw.

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