R-Rated Perf. Fuel Controller.

Friday, April 6th, 2007
R-Rated Fuel Controller.
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R-Rated “finally” sent me a Fuel Controller.
It hooks in just like the other unit. Both units back to back are identical in performance. I saw no difference what so ever in either model, identical in every aspect. Even the wire colors are the same. I called Rudy to ask why. Simply put, same manufacture. The company making them are the only reliable ones out there. Comes from the manufacture with plugs and all. Only there dealers are allowed to reliable them and program them for resale.
Rudy also says that they have been using them for years on street bikes and other four stroke motors with fuel injection.
I will say that TeamMoto is a dealer for R-Rated Perf. and my price on the programmer was $359.00. Since I am a non-profit venture, I have arranged this same price for anyone wanting the R-Rated Fuel Controller. This arrangement has only been available to TeamMoto because I am a dealer of R-Rated as I am for Riva and Skiworx. So when calling in you must mention the discount through TeamMoto otherwise your going to pay full retail of $455.00. You will more then likely have a receipt showing TeamMoto Dealership Program. Orders under this discount are directly billed and shipped from them. This one is a hook up to everyone for helping Project 250X. Thank You guys for your help.
After several runs with the programmer from R&D and R-Rated Ive found that the programming offered from them is simply the only setting worth using. Here in Florida at 100ft above sea level I see no gains in changing the settings. I tried all sorts of setting and the one that worked best is the stock setting. Unplugging the unit yielded higher speeds and plugs looked great. Talking with Rudy he said he has not been selling them to people due the price to gains ratio of this modification. I agreed with him. Unless more air is added then why would you need more fuel, personal question?. Seems the fuel mapping is pretty close to optimal in this boat as is. Adding the programmer to my modification list has not benefited me enough to explain 450 dollars. So personally I will set these two on the shelf until its needed with modification that are pushing the boat lean.
Talking with Riva they dont offer a programmer at this point because they have found no need for it.