Ultra 250 Easy Forward/Reverse Handle fix
I for one have been having a hard time pressing that gray lever to
release the forward/reverse handle. This Kawa seems to be running
5mph in idle, little time to be fooling with it!

Take off the left side cowling. You don't have to remove the rubber
gas cap flange, the cowling will come off as it flexes. You do take off
the gas cap by removing the chain.

Unscrew the hex nut holding the handle on. It is secured with red loctite
and is pretty stiff, it will come off with elbow grease.

Once off you will see that the gray release lever is held on to the black
plastic handle by one phillips head screw. Remove it with the return spring
and reassemble. I used blue loctite (removable one) for putting the black
F/R handle back on. Put cowling back on and you're done.
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