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    Prices for a older computer

    ok so about a year ago i purchased a gateway laptop and since then I haven't really used my desktop at all so im gonig to be selling my desktop to a friend, but i dont know what a fair price would be to sell it at. Here's the specs: 3.2Ghz Pentium 4 processor with HT technology, 1Gb memory, cd burner, dvd drive and everything else was basically stock. This computer is a dell and is the 4700 series model. I would be selling with the dell 19" LCD. with windows xp. I paid about $1800 in the end for it . I'm just wondering what a good price for it would be. I bought the desktop in mid 2005 if that changes anything

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    I just paid $250 for a similair one for my Grandparents over Thanksgiving. The one I bought only had 512MB of memory and no monitor though. If it's a good monitor, that'll be the pice that would retain its value the most.

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    Nothing drops in value faster than a computer. The best thing to do is to figure out what it is worth to you and set the price there. If they don't want to pay that for it; keep it.

    There are plenty of uses for a desktop even when you use a laptop all of the time. Network them together and use the desktop as a file server to store large files and back-ups of your laptop. You can never have too many computers (I am still trying to convince my wife)

    I estimate it would be worth $350-$450.

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    I sold one nearly identical to a friend over the summer. I sold him the tower for 100 bucks, the monitor (17") for 50 bucks. This was after I wiped everthing off of it and uninstalled and re-installed windows and put xp, norton, and office back on.

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    I would say $200. For 4-$500 you can get a brand new dual core.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VOODOO View Post
    I would say $200. For 4-$500 you can get a brand new dual core.

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