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    Which ski to buy?????

    I am looking at a 2002 Yamaha FX140, a 2005 Yamaha VX110 sport, and a 2005 Kawasaki STX12F. Looking for some advice on which ski would suit me best. I will be in both fresh and saltwater, doing both cruising and some towing.


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    It really depends on what you want out of a ski. I have ridden all of the ski's you have mentioned. The VX110 and the 12F are pretty similar. The FX140 is the most powerful of the three, yet the oldest. the VX110 uses very little gas compared to the rest. The 12F needs premium fuel.

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    I prefer Either RXT or XLT for a good all purpose ski. Both ski can get in the mid to upper 60's relatively cheaply. Both or mine are deep into the 70's. WIth the 110 or 140 you'll never get into the 60's. I guess you got to figure out your needs.

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