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    2004 RXP Stereo!!!

    Hi Guys im just about to install a stereo system to my "04 RXP.. I was wondering if anyone has done it and how they went with the battery life??? Im thinking of installing another Dry Cell battery, however i wanted to only do that if i really needed too... Does a RXP motor have an alternator?????

    Thanks in advance for any help!!!

    ps oh and one more thing i have 2 6inch marine (waterproof) speakers that i was going to cut into the hull, however was wondering if water would go through the speakers and into the hull, would that be a problem if it did????

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    They have Watercraft speakers now. Still have to cut holes but made for watercraft.

    My experience. I mounted my GPS Chartplotter with XM satelite. Wired direct to the battery with in line fuse and everything. Dealer said it should be now problem. I used waterproof ear jacks and it worked pretty well until I was 380 miles in to a 400 mile ride in Lk. Michigan then the battery blew. Thought the supercharger blew. Dealer said the voltage reg went and kept charging batt. I bought a spare battery for the reciever and unhooked the cables.

    People are doing it and they make specific systems for skis now. Next year or two they will be factory option.

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    oh S%$T lucky it wasnt the supercharger as u first thought!!
    well i guess i will try it out in enclosed waters and see how i go! fingers crossed...
    getin it done tomorrow, cant wait

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