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    Christmas Clearance Sale

    Used R&D 800 grate, package mods done to it. 80.00.. SOLD..
    15-23 VX impeller by Dave at Impros. Perfect. 275.00... SOLD
    R&D uncut trim tabs. Perfect. 100.00...SOLD...
    1300 waterbox. 100.00
    Sonic Boom APBA, IJSBA legal 40mm throttle bodies with sensors and flame arrestors. No core required. 700.00
    Sonic Boom standard throttle bodies, 40mm without sensors. No core required. 400.00..SOLD..
    2 H-O pump impeller housings with liners slightly blistered from salt. Need liners replaced, 40.00 each.
    Used EFI controller, works perfect, 270.00. SOLD...
    All prices include shipping USA and paypal fees.

    Please send pm for purchase so i can know who is first in line.
    Thanks, Ross
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    Are the R&D tabs the grooved ones?

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    They are the flat tabs Bill...

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    Those sonic booms are tempting... Need to learn more about them

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    Feel free to call me treemoney.. I can answer any question you may have.. Thanks, Ross
    813 690 8373

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    Ross send me pics of the ho housing Lee

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    Thats a VX 110 impeller? (sorry not familiar with newer yamahas) Whats the pitch for better all around performance on stock machine? I have heard dave does alot so Im just assuming its slightly tweaked, I dont even know what these machines run stock.

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    The impeller housings fit any GPR pump, HO or not, thanks Lee, wasnt aware of that.

    The Solas VX impeller fits a GPR, has been specially modified by Impros to fit. It will not fit a VX jet ski.

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    EFI controller now 250.00!!
    VX impeller now 250.00!!
    A good ported 1300 will love this impeller. The midrange and top end are fantastic, more than a dynafly can give you..
    Includes shipping!!

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