I know that I have been absent for some short time here, and plenty backed up as well...here is why.

Some may recall a celebration I had when the website hit 100,000 hits. Well that was from starting date in Feb '07 to July '08. That was over 17 months.

So in the slow periods, I started working on the second of three sites, titled, SnowmobileDetailing.com

It was launched and took off and I have been swarmed with custom orders ever since the opening of mid August.
The new site has brought in 137,904 new hits in as little as 4 months and I have been overwhelmed. My brain could barely keep up to the e-mails, phone calls and short sleeps.

I have been staggered with custom orders, in fact, so many orders that I really couldn't keep up and some have sadly fallen to the wayside.
That said, I have a couple sets of reg numbers to catch up on and is being done this evening.
If I have forgotten anyone, please send me a pm as I'm finally seeing some light and need a refresher.

Many of the new designs will be incorporated in the '09 graphics PWC line up and also for the ATV guys and gals. Some popular designs so far this year have been the Assassin packages as well for the Wraith Equipped and some others.

Many wraps were also accomplished here in studio and documented. I have uploaded the uncut versions and they are on the Tips & Tricks page for those wanting to learn and try on their own. Higher quality edited DVD versions will come to be as time permits.

So, I will be attempting some full wraps on skis this coming year and will also document the results and the process. It's a slow go as far as the time it takes to do a wrap, however a milestone compared to the weeks or months it could take to air brush that many custom details.

Again, best of health and all good things to the great members here in Jerry's Green Hulk.

Truly, Peter.