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    Polaris 750 engine in a 900 hull

    I have a good 750 engine from a 04 sl, Can I mount it directly in a 900 Hull

    without a bunch of problems. Trying to put what parts I have together.

    The hull looks identical 96 900.

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    You can, BUT you're going to have alot of things that need addressed. Like motor mounts, exhaust, elec problems and things like that.

    Better bet is to find another hull from a 650, 750, or 780.

    Or you can also use a SLT (3 seater) 750 or 780.

    Won't have any mounting issues in one of those hulls.

    See, that 900 is a domestic (red) engine like the 700 (2 cyl), 1050, and 1200

    They are not interchangeable with the int. Fuji (blue) engines. Same hulls, but 2 different creatures when it comes to powerplants.

    Hope this helps.

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    there is a guy here in Raleigh with a 750SL with a seized engine. Hes looking for about $250 for it. It would get you a hull and a bunch of parts to sell

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