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    how to remove salt on intake, etc?

    did some ocean riding last summer and have salt deposits on the intake grate and on the rear nozzle...well pretty much on everything except the engine.
    How do i remove it? I tried sanding by hand and it reappeared. Should i remove these parts? Hope not, it's an 08 FX HO and still under warranty so i don't want to void it.


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    Water, water, and more water! OR-Get you some Salt Away, and spray the crap out of it. Wash it down as well. I use Salt away, plus a good wash with regular car wash soap. Also make sure you clean the inside of your hull. you can spray accordingly inside, making sure NOT to spray any water in your intake, watch for the PWC brains as well, stay clear of them. Other than that, when I clean my ski, i just spray the crap outta it with water/Saltaway. This usually gets all the salt off, sometimes I see some deposits on my seat and hydroturf. Otherwise, I never see any other deposits anywhere. you REALLY gotta clean it good.

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