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    HELP: Yamaha VX110 Won't Run Right


    I'm new to the forum and new to PWC. I've just bought two (2) used 2006 Yamaha VX110s and am having a terrible time getting one of them running right. It is very hard to start, runs rough and then smooth and then mostly rough, and it simply won't pull past about 6900 RPM. I've installed new plugs, new coils, and have swapped injectors from the one that runs great to the lame one, but nothing works. Both have only about 30 hours on them.

    I've not yet done a compression test.

    Thank you

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    welcome to the forum.

    PM me your email and I will send you a service manual for your ski.

    Also, I would suggest changing spark plugs.

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    HELP: Yamaha VX110 Won't Run Right

    Huge thanks for the literature -- much appreciated.

    Plugs are new -- first thing we changed. I'll try a new set later this week. Is there anything else that might cause this problem?


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    VX110 Still Won't Run Right

    Help!! I've looked at the oil in the VX110 that won't run right and found it very milky (looks like water got into the oil. It also looks like its steaming (or very white smoke that dissipates quickly) from both the jet output and the small port-side water outlet. Changed the oil, but couldn't get filter off and then ran it on the dock for about 5 minutes (with the fresh water cooling hose attached). Still steaming.

    Shut down the cooling water hose, waited 10 seconds then shut down the motor. Checked the oil, still milky.

    This machine is very low hours (about 30) and has always been very hard to start.

    Any ideas what I need to do next?

    Big thanks

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