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Thread: RXP/RXT racing

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    RXP/RXT racing

    sooooo I raced my buddy in his RXP a couple weekends ago, dead even before i got my ride plate done at Jim's. Then I raced another rxp this weekend and lost by a few boats, all races were in rough water, I porposed and he didnt, and I also raced an RXT and he got me too cuz of the rough WHAT CAN I DO

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    get ahold of Fecho(package)

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    Take some comfort in knowing this much:

    If you're running above 70 (which I realize the rough affects this) and you got beat then he's not stock...Stock the absolute best my RXP would turn just a few hours North of you was 68...69+ with the rideplate holes filled and a little cleaning on the rideplate...

    To go 72+ you're talking:
    Intake Grate
    Rideplate holes filled
    SC impeller

    Of course it's still run what you brung...

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    The RXP hull may suck for cornering and glass speed, but once you remove the OPAS and add a good grate, it is tough to beat in straight line chop. Especially once you start upping the HP. rxpstan and I outran a few fast GPRs in the chop last year at Mudbug. It was somewhat surprising to me as well as those same skis could easily outrun us on the glass.

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    take a look at some fine chop racing in this video
    look a time line 6:30

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    Have not seen that in a while it sure makes me want to come.

    Talk about a GPR fest

    Love those fast skis
    There should be a bigger mix this year I think.


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    Question: What is it exactly that makes a RXP handle chops so poorly(or slow down) when stock then? See My Dad has a rxp and rides like a mad man! And my 1200 gpr with a "pro-tec wake up kit" an a 13/19 solas concord,and the center TWO BARS CUT out of my intake grate, I could just Start to pull a way from him last year in the "mild chops"(1-1.5 foot), but then we would hit a smoother spot and he would KILL ME! but I could gain two to three boat lenghts on him. when I say "poorly" I mean slower compared to smooth proformance, I do not mean this as a DIG,

    But then again, My wife runs a 2004 1300 that in the same chops would not keep up with me also, I found this result AFTER I put on the concord impeller. I found a day and night differance with this prop and rough water.
    Does any any one run a concord that has found this? I do not hear of the concord being spoke of much?

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    well, I'm not so sure I'm running over 70 now. I dont have a GPS but what i was going by is my friend has an 04' RXP and he said he got clocked going 69. When i raced him with everything i have now except the ride plate mod, it was back and forth just depending on who hit what chop at what time. But when i raced this other guys this weekend in some rough and another RXP in some smooth it seems like they still get me either way. Like i cant catch them in the smooth long enough or something? Shouldnt I be running 71ish with the stuff i have listed? Does the Fercho/Kerry package help this out a lot? Thanks for all the previous replies every1

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    Package boats are running 75+ with full tank of fuel.

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    ooooOOOOoooo sounds good to me

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