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    New to site, new to area, have some questions about rxp

    Hello, Im new to this site as of today, I have a 2000 rx and 2 2004 rxp's the rx is as reliable as it gets, had it since day one and is an AWESOME SKI!!. any ways thats about me. I just moved to MYRTLE BEACH SC, and have explored the waterway a little bit, I live by the hard rock and have ridden from here to bird island and from here to osprey landing, but thats about it. if theres anyone in the area that wants to ride, get intouch with me and we'll go! seedoo'in is no fun alone. also my father and I just went halfs on 2 2004 sea doo rxp's that have been used in fresh water literally by an older couple!!! said they were too fast for them!! one has 69 hours and one has 69.7 hours. is there anything i should look for on them? they seem puff and havent been ridden hard, (no scratches, no oil in engine bay or anthing) and they have the slips from redline powersports that said a service was done last summer worth $879 dollars. (new batterys oil changed and stuff i guess) but I was just wondering if there is anything i should look out for, any known problems. ive ridden both, one hangs around 69, and one is at 70 on the dreamomiters.

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    Welcome to the Hulk...

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    Do you know if the ceramic washers in the SCs have been replaced with metal washers? If they haven't, you have two time bombs on your hands. Get the ceramic washers out ASAP... Ron

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    welcome to the forum !

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    "they have the slips from redline powersports that said a service was done last summer worth $879 dollars. (new batterys oil changed and stuff i guess) "

    Pretty freakin expensive batterys! Look at the receipt closer or give the service manager a call to see what was actually done. Either that or give that shop a wide berth, something smells rotten

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