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    Need opinions on 04 wake edition

    ok, so my polaris is basically done for. ive been looking at new skis (never getting another polaris) and found an 04 seadoo GTX wakeboard edition. its got 18 hours on it (a little fishy?) excellent condition, never been in salt water. he wants $6k OBO. what do you guys think? ive searched on these skis on this site for the past few days. didnt find too much dirt on em. i really only used my last ski for pulling friends on tubes/wakeskates. what do you guys think about them, and is this a good deal?

    thanks so much guys


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    WOW... That is low hours

    I would be more concerned about how it has been taken care of.... just sitting around for 5 seasons

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    ya thats the thing that gets me. im gonna ask him why and how he's been keeping up with it. because of how i got screwed with my last ski ( i owned it for less than 20 hours before it went bad), im taking it to get checked my a shop before i buy another ski.

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    well 4strokes doo better at sitting. The exaust valves keep moisture from rotting the internals. The Battery is probably shot at $150 for a quality one ( no Neverstart from wally world). The engine can run 100hours between plug and oil changes or once a year. The pump is pretty much maint free as long as its not fed rocks. Not like you dads SKI.. Dont worry they dont make Polaris Skis anymore. Never did well here

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    is this a SC engine or a NA engine??
    any warranty work performed at dealers??? they can run the service history.

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    its the 155hp NA motor. im gonna ask him about its history whenever he emails me back. and the place ill be taking it to is also a dealer ($$ ) so they can check it for me. thanks

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    ok guys. im gonna go look at this thing tomorrow. about this ski....are there any issues i need to know about? i made a huge mistake in buying a polaris which has very little aftermarket support. i dont wanna make the sme mistake with this ski. does the wake edition share alot of the same parts with another ski? when shopping for parts, what other sea doos would have the same aftermarket parts? thanks...

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    If it's the NA engine, don't be dissapointed with the speed. Expect 56-58 mph GPS speed. Don't trust the onboard speedometer - they are always high. The NA is a very solid engine, just not as fast as the SC skis. You could always convert that engine to a turbo engine, but that would involve at least pistons, rings, valve kit, ECU, injectors and of course the turbo kit. Total would be around $6500 to $ 7500 if you DIY... Ron

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    You could look into RXT's supercharged, you might not be spending that much more and get a newer ski. Good luck with the purchase or continued looking.

    Remember, the econ is going down, you may get a good deal in the next couple months if you are not in a huge hurry.


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