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    Kawasaki Lanyard

    Hi Guys...

    The last few times I rode my ski before the weather go too cold I noticed that when I disconnected the lanyard from the kill switch, the engine STAYED running. (not all the time, but enough to get me concerned) I don't want to fall off my machine next year and have the thing putt away slowly away from me at idle speed leaving me stranded in the middle of the bay!

    The button retracted all the way, will I need a new unit, or can it be greased, and repaired? It's an '01 Ultra 150

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    If it is sticking up then you can take it apart clean and make it work smoothly. If it goes down but doesn't die then you will have to replace it or parts in it.

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    the kill switch is a spring open switch. If it does not open the circuit when released, you have something inside making an electrical connection.

    take it apart and clean really well. then repack with non conductive grease

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