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    Anyone parting out an apple green rxp? Need some plastics.

    Our left mirror has a small paint chip. Because Im a perfectionist, Id like to replace it. its just the trim piece that goes around the actual mirror.

    Likewise for the green insert that goes in the side rub rail. Ours has a small kink in it. again, not very noticable.. but its noticable to me. Due to its size, I dont know how this can be shipped but Im all ears if you have one. LMK.

    Both items are for an apple green rxp, a green hulk

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    well I did a search and this stuff is pretty cheap.

    the mirror part I need is #4 in this diagram


    its only $32 and Jerry offers 20% off *I think

    The rail is #7 seen here


    only $27

    This stuff may not be worth anyones time but if anyone has the stuff sitting around or is parting out a ski, lmk.

    Im not going to keep bumping the thread. If I dont hear from anyone, Ill buy the stuff new sometime after the holidays.

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