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    99 ultra 150 ignition #'s...!!

    I was wondering does any one know what the ultra 150 ignition serial number is for that year. Does any one know if they changed the ignition serial numbers for differant years or only a couple.

    I have 2 ignitions with 2 totally differant numbers except the first 5 numbers are the same after that they change drastically.

    THanks any input would be helpfull

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    Go on look through archives. The 99 ignitions that were on the japanese skis have a sweet timing curve. If not switch ignitions at lake, you can tell quite a bit of difference.

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    I am not sure about how they numbered serials. I will look at mine when I get off work. Do you know what years the ones you have came from? Mine is an 01, if we can get a few others to look at their's we might be able to figure out how they numbered them.

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