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    How To: Spark Plugs... Many pics and details

    Again... nothing like pictures doing ALL the explaining. hope some of you benefit from my few HOW-TO's that i posted. many of you know this stuff, many of you can explain with words... i like helpin the newbie via pictures... i think it's more effective.
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    Nice how to info.. How often do they recommend changing plugs on the 4 strokes? They should last quite a while.. (I hope)

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    I personally will change mine every 50-60 hours.

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    Shibby---thanks for the detailed pictures--great help. Alot more info
    on how to change plu gs than my $100.00 service manual.

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    I love this site, now if we can get the rest of the world to help each other the way the members on this site do.

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    Nice set of instructions. For someone that has never done it before, the pic's will really help out.

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    If you have your plugs left in your engine over the winter should you clean them for the new season. If so with what ?

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    What about the spark plug gap? Is it me. Or nobody does it anymore.

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    I asked around Dr. Len...was told to just stick em in just how they came out of the thats what I did...the thing fired right up and ran SMOOOOOTH!

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    I think common practice is to look and see if the plugs ground electrode are right, and inspect to see if they were dropped, that would certainly change the gap...I always inspect mine and check the gap...PR...

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