For Immediate Release:

Liquid Militia is proud to announce their continued support of the American Watercraft Association Membership for 2009 in 'defending your right to ride'. Liquid Militia Clothing will donate to the first 50 AWA memberships received a Liquid Militia t-shirt, beginning on January 1st.
We will be listing the membership awards in February 2009!

Liquid Militia understands the importance of teamwork and access to riding areas for personal watercraft enthusiasts. The American Watercraft Association is a necessary asset in your enjoyment of your family's boating experience, education and fellowship.
If you are not a member, visit www. AWAhq. org and join!

Another great benefit of the AWA is their regional Charter Clubs! If you don't see one in your area, you can start one of your own, a great way to bring friends and families together in support of your PWC boating experience.
http://awahq. org/awa-charter-clubs/

Be sure to visit your local PWC dealers who are Supporting Dealerships in your area:
http://awahq. org/awa-supporting-pwc-dealers/

Liquid Militia, is an exciting and well-established apparel brand. We are here to support the action sports community just as we have been doing since the beginning. Established in 2004 out of Santa Barbara, CA.