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    pump hose question

    when i just bought my gp1200r, i noticed that the hose that connects the pump outlet to the hole in the rear of the hull was disconnected. this is the hose that makes the rooster-tail looking jet of water spray from the rear. just curious if there is any reason to put it back on or leave it off?

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    take some epoxy and plug that thing(put tape on inside and fill)

    later cd

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    I cut the nipple off and filled it with JBWeld. Or you can just leave it disconnected.

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    LOL....all depends on what you want. There is little to nothing to gain by doing it wither way because its only a visability spout.
    It's probably the equilivalant to farting on a high speed run by closing the spout off the nozz all together

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    I thought part of it was for safty....more visability for other boats to see you.

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