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    help pleaseeee 787 problem

    i rebuilt my carbs and i cant get over about 3000 rpms now without it dieing i cant give it any throttle or it will die and have cleaned the raves and the fuel selector which was clean. good fuel lines it will start great but just cant get it to run any help please i am going crazy with this

    thanks in advance.......

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    I guess the first thing I would want to know is if it is bogging and stalling? Or does it act like it is hitting a rev limiter bust just hitting way too soon? Another thing would be to do a compression test to make sure you are dealing with a good motor. Many times I was chasing my tail with other things because I assumed motor was ok. Since you rebuilt your carbs. I am very untrusting of other people's work (hence why I am a tech and do my own work) nothing personal, but like you I have been screwed by other techs at some time or another. You replaced the inlet needle filter, made sure you had the right gaskets installed for the fuel pump side. There is a very slight difference with the cut out section on the plate that goes in between the one way valve body and the carb body. Then did you replace your fuel pump diaphragm? The plastic gets worn and even though no punctures it will bow and limit the fuel pumps function. The only thing I would check are fuel lines, and that fuel valve. Those are the only two things that really cause any problem. How about fuel? Sure there isn't water in that tank and it is getting a water fuel mixture and is causing all this? That is about it...all I can think of. But what I would do if you are able to is to carry a bottle of carb clean or brake cleaner and when it is having it's issue you spray the chemical down the intake of the air box and see if it gets better for a instant. That why you know it is fuel related and not something else. =) I hope I was able to help you out. PM me if you have more questions.

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    use a windex bottle filled with fuel and oil premix. and spray directly into the throat of the carbs.
    if you rebuilt them , then you know how to take the airbox off, right!!!?
    using premix is better than starter fluid or carb cleaner cuz that stuff cuts the oil that is in the engine(premixed by the oil injection system) to lubricate it. that is bad.
    you want that oil there, so spraying the bottle of premix will add fuel but wont hurt lubrication.
    does it run better or flood/stall when you pull the choke knob at 3000 rpm?? sometimes if its starved for fuel running with the choke patially on will seem like its running better, but actually you are just cutting airflow to match your low fuel supply.
    or if you are too rich adding fuel via choke will flood and stall the engine...
    is it doing either of these

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    is it stock setup or aftermarket F/A's and new jetting specs??
    stock settings on seadoo carbs are usually HS screws are set all the way closed form the factory, so theres no way to go too lean, only adjustment is more rich...
    were yours set that way before you took them apart?

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