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    What are your NFL playoff predictions?

    Whos out? Whos in? How far will they go? What are your superbowl/playoff predictions? Post up

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    BarBayBULL BAR BAY H.O.'s Avatar
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    Were gonna beat Denver again and this time it will count.

    Im hoping Buf beats New England.

    I still think Carolina has a chance the back way.

    Giants have that O line that the whole league will be plotting against.

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    I AM A VERMIN icerat4's Avatar
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    CHICAGO BEARS....Da Bears

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    NFC champ..... Giants
    AFC champ...... Titans or Colts

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    DOLPHINS, all the way baby...

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    The ski's have taken a "backseat" to the Corvette DarthAWM's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by twelvesorbetter View Post
    Whos out? Whos in? How far will they go? What are your superbowl/playoff predictions? Post up
    I predict that the team that consistently scores more points than their opposition will win the Super Bowl

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    I am with Darth on this! The team that scores the most runs will run.

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    Here are my thoughts

    1) IF San Diego and/or Philly get in they could be dangerous playoff teams. Philly is obviously a longshot at this point after blowing it last night.

    2) The Pats are the most deserving of a playoff spot in the AFC East and probably wont get in with a record of 11-5.

    3) Caronlina has a better shot at the superbowl than the Giants despite losing last night.

    4) The AFC's best teams are the Steelers, Ravens, Titans (in that order). Yes, the Titans beat the Steelers. Im not sure that the Titan's passing game is good enough to come from behind to beat a good team if they have to.

    5) Atlanta, the Arizona, and Dallas will go out in the first round. Arizona only made the playoffs because of an easy schedule. They are the most over rated team in the NFL.

    6) Denver will be an absolute embarassment if they make the playoffs. They are simply awful.

    7) Minnesota could be a huge sleeper

    8. The colts are quietly getting better and better despite having problems staying healthy. Their running game concerns me a little bit.

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    Other thoughts-

    Matt Ryan is obviously rookie of the year. Chris Johnson would be my runner up. He will be a top ten fantasy pick next year.

    Coach of the year should go to the Atlanta coach. I would consider Sparano of Miami but I really think Parcells is pulling the strings down there.

    Drew Brees will not get Marino's record next week.

    Brett Farve will still not retire.

    Matt Cassel may very well be be a starting QB elsewhere in the NFL next year. He has been a great story this year and he should have made the pro bowl. He was more deserving of a pro bowl selection than Brett Farve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoYamma View Post
    DOLPHINS, all the way baby...

    Youve got to love the irony of this-

    If the Jets beat the Dolphins, the Pats get into the playoffs - their most hated rival.

    If the Dolphins beat the Jets, Chad Pennington takes the Dolphins to the playoffs.

    The Jets have absolutely no shot and are going to be screwed no matter what the outcome of week 17 is.

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