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    New to the scene, should I have the dealer service my ski or do it myself?

    I have an 05 Yamaha FX HO 160 hp 53 hours

    I bought it used in september with 45 hours on it and have taken it out 3 times so far all seems well with the craft...although at one point in my last outing the engine light came on and the warning buzzer sounded...(i think because I was doing doughnuts, because I just let it cool for 10 minutes and it was fine the rest of the day)

    The last maintanence that was done on it was back in 05 at the 10 hour mark. I know I need to change the oiul and the filter...

    Should I take it into the dealer and have them do it for the first time so they can check all the mechanics of the deal, change the oil and filter, hook it up to the computer to check an possible warnings (like the engine light that came on) for about $300 or just take to my buddy's house who runs a small rental businesses and services his own for about $30?

    I will take any opinions you have thanks!

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    Do it yourself!!! You will do a better job than any dealer.

    I'm pretty sure you can check your codes on the HO. Not sure how to do it, but with the GPR's you only have to hold down one button and any error codes will display. I'm sure some HO owners chime in on this

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    in the e-mail notification I got you mentioned:

    "Don't worry about running any codes unless you have problems you know of and the dummy lights are going off."

    are the dummy lights the warning light?

    Should I assume that the buzzer, warning light, and engine icon were only a momentary problem since I shut the ski down and then ran it later (for about 15 minutes) with no other problems?

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    there should be a manual for your model in the FAQ/ How To section, read through that for more info on whatever code you saw.

    if your still stuck post the codes on here and someone will decipher them for you.

    as for servicing, most of us here do about 90%+ of our own work but its your choice how you do it, however that being said its not hard to do yourself if you wish.

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    how do I even get the codes to display. though???? I will check the manual hopefully something will be in there...

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    Code Display;

    Upto 05, with engine running, press select button for 8 secs.

    06 on, with engine running, press speed/rpm & volt/hour buttons simutaneously for 8 secs.


    01 Normal

    13 Pick up coil malfunction

    15 Engine Temp Sensor malfunction

    18 Throttle Position Sensor malfunction

    19 Incorrect Battery Voltage

    23 Intake air temp sensor malfunction

    24 Cam position sensor malfunction

    29 Intake air pressure sensor malfunction

    47 Slant detection switch malfunction

    48 Incorrect data transmission

    54 Bypass valve motor malfunction

    55 Steering sensor malfunction

    63 Intake air system malfunction.

    If multiple codes are displayed, best to check with the Yammi diagnostic software.

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    Choose the Service manual for your ski

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    Thanks Volltrex and RX I was able to check the codes it came up as 01, normal so everything should be good and the service manual will halp greatly!

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