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    jims ride plate mod and welded skegs??

    as above whos got them?

    i take it for mild cc racing this would be a no no?and in the sea pointless?
    is the best gains on lakes?and more so top-end?

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    i had jims ride plat with welded skegs and hated it, it shoved the noise down to much tried shimming the plate but the ski still rode hard sold the ride plate and jim made me another one with out the skigs pick up more tha 1 mph its a little loose now but i like it. mabe if i had a smaller pair of skegs it might have been better the reason 4 shimming the ride plate is to keep the ski from porpoiseing didn't have near the problem without the skigs

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    Yellow Jacket--wow--I have had the exact opposite findings from you on my Jim's rideplates with welded on skegs. On my RXPX (which I have since sold) ran like it was on rails and no porpoising what so ever (ski ran in the 75 MPH range) On my 2006 RXP it runs close to mid 80s and it also like it on rails and no porpoising. I ran/run both boats at one to two spots above netural.

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    i guess every ski is a little different the ski did track stright it grab real hard in turns, a little to hard for my likeing flip it once in a turn i had a 48 thousands shim in that ride plate to keep it from porpoiseing, like i said the ski rode like a brick and hit 80.4 with that ride plate now the second ride plate without the skigs i hit 81.79 and a bunch of 81.6"s in wamer weather and 30 thousands in shims the ski is a little looser but rides a lot smoother. i'm 1-2 bars from the top on trim

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    I must say my jim's plate with skegs does have some serious bite but I like it. I can pull through turns much faster then without the skegs. I just lean forward to help keep the weight pushing the nose down so I can round the turn without launching off the back of the ski.

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    i would like to try a pair if skegs about half the size of what i had, i didnt know the skigs were killing my top end untill i put the second ride plate on, i'm looking for top end speed and the skigs seem to hurt my ski or my style of rideing which ever it was it didnt work 4 me

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