Dear racers!

2009 we will make the AAC again. We are still working on it and the first race will be again in italy jesolo. Sorry that
we donít have dates now but we are waiting for the European tour first.

About the rules:
We will not accept the FZ950 in stock. We are working on the rules but we will not make some stupid thinks: it will
be fair for every jetski. In the stock class it will be not allowed to use jetskis with a stronger power. If you want to
drive a powerful jetski, you have to start in the limited or/and the superstock class .

We think about the follow homologation
S8 100hp Stock
S8 142hp Limited
S8 162hp Superstock, G.P

Fz950 Limited with nothing change
Fz950 Superstock. G.P with modifikation

we wish you a very nice christmas time and a good season 2009

see you soon
the aac team