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    Battery On, 4 beeps every 3 seconds

    No lanyard connected, I turn battery on then 1 long beep and after every three seconds I get 4 short beeps. I am in neutral. I put dess on and nothing happens. Will not start. I leave dess installed and turn battery off, then turn back on. I get two beeps, then after three seconds I get the 4 beeps. It will start at this point. I pull lanyard and it will not stop. Only way to stop is push the start stop button. I can then start it again ok. and it seems to run fine.

    This Seadoo is new to me and it appears I need some help. Any advice will be appreciated.. Merry Christmas to all.

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    Maybe I did not make myself clear

    Why would the alarm sound 4 short beeps every three seconds without the dess attached. The only way to shut it off is to turn the battery switch off.

    Thanks Walldog

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    In Case anyone is interested

    The dealer has determined that the post the dess connects to on the dash is defective.


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