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    C1 wheel from R & D

    Has anyone installed one yet? I installed one and now the ski wont go past 40 mph. Anyone one else installed one. please help

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    A couple of guys on here have them and they work well. You had better re-check your work, something is not right.

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    Ramming speed Mr Zulu! TeamYamSHO's Avatar
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    Did you get the right prop?
    Did you install atleast one of the things that R&D recommends ? Eg. CFM kit?
    Or if you have the riva intake manifold im pretty sure its fine..
    Doesnt seem like ur chargers working

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    caymansho caymansho's Avatar
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    There's two of us running the C1 Charger Wheels down here in K-man on our SHO's and trust me, they work!!! I gps'd at 70.5mph off mine, the other one is faster yet, so??

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    you might try checking all the ekectrical and sensor connections you had to undo to install the wheel

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    is this your ONLY mod? or do you have others to work with it air intake,prop etc.?

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