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    Exclamation Optima Battery, Did I buy the right one???

    I just bought the Red Top from Cosco. I want to put it in my 05 Sea Doo Sportster LE/DI jet boat. This boat has the 951 two stroke engine. It is the same engine they ran in their jet skis in 2005. This boat is not equipped with any extras such as sound, just the stock running lights. I think it calls for about 250 CCA's. It only has 1 battery.

    It had a liquid 12 volt full size car battery that finally went bad. I thought about getting the Blue Top Deep Cycle but figured I would be just fine with the Red Top for this boat. What do you think? Will I be fine with the Red Top???

    This is what Optima says about the two...
    The OPTIMA RedTop battery delivers high power cranking ability with greater resistance to the biggest causes of battery failure. The RedTop is commonly used in trucks, SUV's, luxury cars, hot rods, off-road vehicles and other applications where a leak-proof, high power, long-lasting starting battery is ideal.

    The OPTIMA BlueTop battery is available as a starting or deep cycle battery for marine and RV applications and has all the valuable characteristics of its two brothers - the RedTop and YellowTop. It's perfect for boats with electric trolling motors, onboard electronics or stereo systems and RV's with “creature comforts” that tend to drain batteries quickly. The BlueTop is the battery for those who simply need a sure-starting, strong cranking, maintenance-free power source.

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    Since you are only using the battery for starting, and not sitting around for hours with the engines off using a lot of battery power, the 'starting' battery you bought sounds like the right choice.

    A deep cycle battery is important only if you will be draining the battery with the engines off for extended time periods.

    Be sure to clean the battery terminal connections, and coat them after tightening with protectant (Fluid Film, or similar).

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    I need to get one too...

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