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    Question Shipping Overseas [australia]


    Has anybody ever shipped a jetski overseas?
    Has anybody ever shipped from the US to Australia?
    Who did you use?
    What protocol was involved?
    How did you pack/crate it?
    Any tips or advice I should know about?

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    No ski Steve shipped his ski over seas.He is the one to P.M.about it..

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    Check with Mr. NO-SKI...
    His GPRXP is in Australia now...


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    its very easy... i've done 3 of my own personal skis... and have done a few dozen thru work selling used trade-in skis off to other countries

    john carter can also help you with this... 888-864-7477

    get a crate from a local dealer, its ur best bet. what model ski u gotta ship? if it's a 2-seater ski, get a VX110 yamaha crate

    anything else i HATE yamaha 3-seater crates... if its ur only resort u can work with it... but a Ultra 250 crate is one of the nicest if u can find a dealer that actually takes them apart by unscrewing them and not chainsawing them apart and prying everything apart.

    u also need to stay concious of which country accepts what materials... some woods are not importable to some countries, far and few between, but if ur wood crate becomes a problem... australia is pretty easy tho if that's what ur dealing with

    u going to drive the crate to a consolidation/container yard? or you going to get it picked up by a truck and let them deal with it? that influences price for sure

    paperwork is easy... title and regy info doesnt go to anyone with shipping or port. seal it, zip lock bag it, and hide it inside the ski somewhere and tell the guy where it is... or mail it separately.

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    Its easy as Steve said.

    I have my broker organising everything all you have to do is pack it i n crate and get it to the depot with the receipt of purchase easy.

    With crates yamaha is the way to go i think might be a good idea to weld a few extra bars on top in case they decided to pack something on top of the crate that part is out of everyone hands so crate has to be secure.

    Another good thing to do is nail a few boards around the crate incase something decided to slide and hit the ski.

    Its really easy nothing to shipping skis around the world....

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    I would think that customs would be your only headache.. but thats on his end. You should be able to get it out of the country with no issues..

    I sold a car to a guy in canada a few years back but I dont remember what was involved.. I think it was just some paperwork.

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    is this your hull youre talking about?

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    There is no issue with customs you declare your good no issue at all.

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    Someone in Germany (on ebay) wants to buy our kawi.. You never know how serious someone is on ebay but hes emailed me several times. He says he can have it picked up at my door as it sits on the trailer and have it taken away and he will take care of the rest.
    Im NOT crating it. I will not be bothered. the ski will sell in the spring to someone locally if it doesnt now.. there is NO reason for me to do that extra work to make a sale. Im not desperate.
    If a buyer pays in full, it clears, and someone comes and hauls it away- Ill sell to anyone, anywhere.

    Sounds too good/easy to be true.
    Whatcha'll think?

    I dont see how a ski on a rolling trailer, un-crated, going overseas is a good idea.. but he insists thats how he wants it.

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    Hydrotoys sold and shipped his Ultra 250 to Australia around a yr ago you can check with him also

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