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    over shimming? 99xl1200

    Hello everybody! To start out I just want to thank everyone on this forum for their time, giving to all of us who really want to try and fix it ourselves! I'm sure you guys love doing this but I know it takes time from other aspects of your lives in order to relate your experiences here and I just want to say Thank You and God Bless!
    I have a question reguarding intermediate shaft - engine coupler alignments.
    I pulled our 99xlt apart and replaced the pump shaft, wear ring, intermediate shaft, propeller and pressed in new bearings, seals and the like. When I was reinstalling the motor I noticed that I had to use more shims than what was originally in there, some I had to move as much as 1/4" or so. I wanted to make sure this was right and went to the Nth degree.
    Where my problem was, is after that. Elevating the engine by just that much had created a problem getting the stinger pipe and torquing all the fasteners back down. I had to remove the cylinder head and other stuff off the engine just to get the stinger pipe back in. I never had to do this to get it out! Did I do (or not) something wrong? The service manual stated that removing some of these parts may be required to remove it.
    The ski ran good after the repair and after feeling how smooth the pump was afterward I decided to perform the same repair (less intermediate bearing housing) on our 00'GPR. Now I just have issues with the carbs (sticking throttle after warmup), I think I damaged one of the throttle valves when I was reinstalling the engine.
    How many of yall have had to remove the cylinder head to remove the stinger pipe on a stock 99'xlt?

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    you can do it either way, but when the head is installed there is alot wiggling and frustration that will be had. Hopefully your head gasket was replaced or at a min. was fairly new and in good condition. There is a rubberized coating that can get damaged or peeled off. I replace them if they are old. If fairly new I re-inspect.

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    in what order did you reinstall these units? there is a specific order to ensure that each units alines properly with the other and in the hull.. for example on a wr, its pump to hull, intermediate to bulkhead and pump and then engine aline with the check at the coupler.. is it possible you have installed the intermediate in first .. and its set too high?
    You would then have to use more shims...
    lossen your pump and see if it is movable (floats) and not under tension while tightening...if it jumps when you loosen ,the intermediate may be binding it .. unless you replaced stuff ,it should go back with the same shims in the same place you took them off.. shims are generally used in back(intermediate and pump) to make up hull layup variences...

    just something to think about to help you

    (looking at the gp, it would be the same reassembly order... i'm thinking the xl is also...)

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