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    Here are my postings. I hope you enjoy and glean some goodness from living life well!


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    The Traditions of K38

    Celebrating Two Decades of Service 1989-2009
    K38’s namesake comes from 38 Klicks south of the American Border in California. The company name wasn’t intended to have any meaning that could be generalized or hoped for. It was to be a standalone icon that referenced a creative free spirit outside of the confines of what society accepts for how ‘things get done’. I have a personal saying ‘We make shit happen’, sometimes it is that simple. Cliches often referred this to ‘outside of the box’ thinking when in reality, it is a complete never-ending circle instead.

    The K38 varied background was inspired by Shawn Alladio, of course I am referring to myself, a competitive Jet Ski racer, and mother, from the United States. My lifelong personal experiences and influences led to the creation of a variety of training programs since my first Jet Ski ride in 1979. A decade later I began instruction to both recreational, racers and public safety personnel. I ventured out and worked globally in a vast scope of weather, water and personal watercraft and personalities, some favorable and some adversarial. I have amassed more water time under multiple uses globally par none. I’ve been blessed to work with our nation’s military elite, law enforcement, lifeguards, fire service, heavy water, PWC competitions, and many boating safety associations.

    Not limited to training, K38 is also active in legislation and supporting boating education, safety and enforcement and the co-creator of thousands of training programs. Since then the company has expanded globally with International Affiliates the message is clear, The K38 Way of Training is the PWC standard. Our goal is to revolutionize lifesaving and recreational boating using these unique small powered craft called, ‘personal watercraft’. I have received awards, yes. That is not what motivates me, I believe we can all change the world, if we apply ourselves, this is how I determine to do just that, maybe not for you, but for someone down the line in an ocean adrift calling for help. I hope this is what our training will do for others, my heart believes.

    The K38 Way of Training
    The foundational contributions, combined with the advancement of Personal Watercraft designs and evolution were a ‘process’ of related events, mainly by trial and multiple errors. They have all been personal and yes it has been costly. Just as personal watercraft was simpler in features and function early on, so was the K38 Way of Training. K38’s training programs evolved and adjusted in concert with the expansion of the popularity and multiple uses that were being created as these small boats found their way into mainstream applications. We have a saying ‘Every Beach Within Reach’. Due to this action we realize our level of risk oftentimes is extreme due to the designs of the craft we employ as being a very ‘forgiving’ boat. Our mindset is our measured success. We must go with careful consideration of our risk and respect our equipment and the environment, let alone compassion for our students learning needs, victims, patients and cultures, and most importantly, the survivors of tragic circumstances.

    K38 Colors
    Symbolism itself crafts our imagination. Our image is built upon focused colors that represent a reminder of our shortcomings within our human condition. Tempered with our desire to be of service to others, we seek balance between extremes, even our environment. Without realizing both aspects of our potential, humility would be an unattainable necessity. But what is humility without strength? Yet the strong man or woman must go. I will go.

    Red is our Blood, it is our passion that drives us to lead others with knowledge that will and can save lives, it is the danger we manage.

    Our Black is our symbol of our Collective Experience; it is our ‘wisdom’.

    White is our symbol of Security in Truth, it is our faith.

    Our vessel symbolizes ‘movement and teamwork’. Together we are strong, but divided our measures create a heightened risk. We recognize that is one movement or decision is not addressed with security, we shall find ourselves managing a mishap, further spreading our resources and safety. Our symbols and colors reflect our choices and our desire for safety, ‘safety means danger’. One must go with confidence.

    Our signature K38 logo centered on a Red field; symbolizes our unity as a family, regardless of language or culture. The banded circle encasing the inset logo symbolizes our Earth and its waters we ply. The trademark ‘hand reaching out’ needs no further explanation, it speaks for itself.

    All Hands on Deck
    “Nobody Dies!” - K38 instructors join hands forming a circle and facing one another, arms outstretched. This is done before and after trainings or expeditions. It is simple, poignant and uncomfortable. This cry we share is our committed reminder that our safety is our first priority: ‘Nobody Dies!’ K38! What is your occupation? RESCUE! Keep Moving, Keep Thinking, never stop moving…..

    K38 Loyalty
    The Life You Save May Be Your Own
    Our Motto embodies the risk that all lifesavers take when serving others in a time of peril. Each expedition or experience is cumulative, enabling our level of commitment, and courage to be tempered with accountability while underway. This process of earned abilities, does not match to simply training methods as the absolute focus. One must be tested and trialed to truly know what we are made of in the moment of applied pressures. Our mission is to come home safely to our families, and hopefully we can render assistance to those who are in need, so they too come home.

    K38 is represented in 14 countries, with deep respect, gratitude and love I thank these men who follow my lead and lead so well themselves. 2009 we celebrate gentlemen, we will earn then next 20 years ahead, reuniting families and keeping our water safety personnel professional and focused. I praise you for your dedication and sacrifices, only of which we truly understand.

    God watch over us, may we choose well enough in any given moment and have understanding of our level of desire that matches our capabilities as well as our limitations. Hallelujah.

    Always Hopeful’
    Shawn Alladio

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