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    Jet Ski Aids in Turtle Rescue

    December 17, 2008
    Struggling giant turtle rescued at sea

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    (NECN) - Lifeguards on a Queensland beach rescued an unlikely victim on Monday, when they spotted a giant loggerhead turtle floundering 0.6 miles out at sea, according to Australian broadcaster Channel 10.
    Helped by workers from Australia Zoo, the massive turtle was brought to shore on the back of a jet-ski.
    It then took four people to lift the 330.6 pound turtle into a harness and off the beach.
    The 3.9 foot-long reptile, which could be as old as 50, is thought to have swallowed a plastic bag, which caused a blockage.
    Kate Winter, from Australia Zoo, said it's likely the turtle would have died of starvation if he hadn't been rescued.
    Male loggerheads are a rare sight, especially so close to shore.
    Lifeguard Luke Grice said this turtle had a good reception on the Queensland beach.
    Vets at Australia Zoo will now monitor their new arrival over the coming weeks and with one in a thousand loggerheads reaching breeding age, there's a lot of pressure on this turtle to get fit and well again.

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    The use of a rescue board attached to the stern deck of a Jet Ski is oftentimes used in marine animal recovery, however there are not that many stories circulating on the internet, so this one is really nice! In the photo above you can see that the rescue board I am using is close to the waterline, what makes this utility device so complimentary to water evacuations is you can push it under the surface and float your subject onto the board, but never tether anything to it. A PWC can flip in certain situations, so the operator of the PWC needs to be trained in how to effectively package and evacuate added weight to the board, it changes some of the handling charateristics of the PWC.

    Sea Turtles are such gentle creatures, it is also important to move carefully and calmly, not to distress animals or marine life, including water fowl. When I worked in the floods of New Orelans after hurricane Katrina, we did not use rescue boards due to the contamination of the water. Instead I pulled additional boats behind mine with supplies, cages and food. The first thing I wanted to do was get the anmials OUT of the water!

    The photo above shows a young dog riding in the footwell area of my Jet Ski, I was motoring down Desire Street in the Lower 9th Ward. He was sitting on top of a washing machine in about 4" of water. Animals would swim from house to house trying to find something or some kind of landing to get out of the water. The dog was named '38 Special', because of the company namesake...

    Kudos to the Australians for this awesome assist with the turtle!

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