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    Easy to convert an FZR

    into an FZS?

    So, buying the boat is out; don't want to spent $38K for the boat when I'm planning on building a house next year.

    But I have gotten the bug to get another ski so, despite what I initially said about not liking the looks of the FZR, am planning on getting one. I would get the new GTX Is but it will be $25K over here and I aint paying that much for a ski.

    So, I have a few questions for those who have seen the FZR/FZS and are in the know:

    Will the FZS rear grab handle and seat bolt straight up to the FZR? I'd buy the FZS straight up but it don't come in Yamaha Blue yet. So I'm thinking of getting the FZR and converting it so to speak.

    How difficult to install the boarding step on the FZR? Simple drilling or more to it than that.

    Finally, the tow hook - same as the boarding step - simple drilling?

    I don't think there is any other differences between the two; did I miss anything?

    BTW - does anyone know why the FZ series are not coming with the cruise control? Seems like Yami should have put that on the FZ series ski - for endurance racing if nothing else...

    Happy New Year everyone - have a good weekend - and take a moment to pray for our brothers and sisters fighting still over in the deserts...


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    The FZR will easily convert to the FZS grab handle & seat, as will the the tow hook & reboarding step. All bolts right in.

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    you also need to be aware that the seats for the sho cost 750 each piece 1500 it wont be a cheap conversion...

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