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    Why Bees Fly With Landing Gear Down for lift

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    I don't care how much it increases my speed. I ain't going reverse superman!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    LOL....and you guys thought that I had too much time on my hands??

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    Ever see this?

    The March issue of Air & Space, one of several periodicals published by the Smithsonian Institution, features "Falling With the Falcon," an extraordinary article by Tom Harpole that tells us about the astonishing feats of a 6-year-old peregrine falcon named Frightful.
    It's a fitting name, indeed. Sixteen inches long, weighing 2.2 pounds and with a 41-inch wingspan, she's undoubtedly an imposing figure to many other birds. "When Frightful is stooping-diving after prey from nearly three miles up, she has been clocked at 242 mph, and it's possible she can go faster," Mr. Harpole writes.
    Frightful's owner, Ken Franklin a 46-year-old pilot and master falconer from Friday Harbor, Wash. took to sky-diving with his falcon to understand how a 2-pound bird can achieve higher speeds than most small airplanes. He has sky-dived with Frightful more than 200 times, sometimes as much as five times daily. "Birds are the blueprint for aeronautical engineering," Mr. Franklin says.

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