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    2003 gtx sc camshaft the same?

    Is the 03 gtx sc camshaft the same as a 04-05 rxp camshaft? same lift ,duration? timing? want to buy a spare and need to know thanks

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    Different part numbers on parts listing... Ron

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    if ur wanting to know if it will work... then yes it will work

    by the book they are the same cams altho they have different part numbers. the 03 cam in the gtx sc is the original part number for the supercharged platform... they fine tuned it and came with an updated cam as the years went on... u can't even buy the 03 cam part number anymore, it supercedes directly to a 04 rxp cam...

    true story... i have a 03 gtx sc cam in one of my rxp motors that i ran that way for about 20 hours before i sold it... the shop manuals spec them the same way altho they dont give u lift figures... but they do in fact use and mix together the cams among the 03-05 185 and 215 motors... the cams were designed for both engines

    consider them to be pretty much identical tho if u ask me

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    As I understand it, the '06 and later cams are diiferent.

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