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    Anyone into nitro RC?

    My gf got me my first car, its a cheapo kit from ebay but an absolute blast to play with.

    Anyone into them? I'm still a newb so I havent perfectly adjusted it yet

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    I use to be. I had a Kyosho spider maxed out with a Trinity Picco .12, pipe, oil filled shocks, two speed tranny, custom gears, belt tensioners, you name it till the motor loosened up and roasted the tranny and couldn't get any more gears for it and took it apart and got what I could for parts. I've also built a HPI Proceed, its an 1/8 scale on road car running 30% nitro, would run right about 90mph, sold it cause it was way to fast for the street and got my money out of it but was fun to build. Also built a TMaxx with a Sirio .18 Wasp on it with some upgrades to beat up on a friends Revo just cause he said a TMaxx couldn't, that was fun too. I've been looking lately and the new Jato by Traxxas looks like fun with some upgrades. What have you got? I can't tell by the pic it looks like either an Associated or Traxxas.

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