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    GP1200R Engine Water Leak?

    Got a question and was hoping you all could help narrow it down. A few months ago, I rebuilt a basket case 2000 model ski. Been a long tinkering project. Center cylinder was toast.

    Got it all together, started it on the trailer and seems to run fine (20 seconds or so). Today I took it outside and put the hose to it. Started it, turned on the hose and it run fine for approx 3 mins. Then started to miss. As it turns out, the front cylinder has water in it. Leaking in there some where/some how. Took all plugs out, spun it over to get all water out. Restarted without water hose and got it firing on all cylinders again, i.e. dried it out. Sprayed some oil in plug holes and spun again to lube it until I can work on it again.

    QUESTION - Where would you guys start in trying to figure out where the leak is coming from. I assume it has three spots to leak in: the head to jug interface, the jug to case interface and the jug to exhaust interface. Any suggestions appreciated. FYI - I used all new gaskets when putting it back together.

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    Stert by checking the head it's easiest. I have seen people flip the gasket and have leaks.

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    Welcome Orbit.You might have got the cylinder base gasket on wrong.

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