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    RN SuperJet handle poles for sale.

    I have a few RN handle poles for sale, all blue.
    They were removed from new skis and never touched water, the bushings still have OEM grease on them.
    Poles have some scratches from being moved from place to place but no structural damage, just scuffs.
    Each pole comes with all bushings,
    lower plastic trim piece (black),
    stock turnplate,
    stock bars,
    stock grips,
    stock throttle.

    Poles don't have a chin pad, steering cable stop, the lock nut on the turnplate pivot bolt.

    $103 each plus actual shipping.

    Can be picked up in Daytona as long as it's paid for ahead of time.

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    Will the pieces from the old poles (SN) work in place of the parts you dont have?
    And shipping cost to Indy / 46221

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    Well, yes and no.

    The lower pole bracket can work but you will need to use some fender washers as shims. The RN pole is narrower so on average 6 washers are needed (3 on either side).
    Since most people I ride with run a stiff pole (no spring just 2 pinch bolts) this is never an issue.

    In order to get the pole to swing up all the way you need to grind the base of the pole a bit or remove the stop from the pole bracket. Removing the stop in my opinion is a better way to go but requires the use of a limiting rope to avoid damaging the cables running up the pole. The limiting rope can be used as a tow rope when needed which is a bonus.

    Since we run stiff poles I'm not too sure how the SN pole spring would work in this case. I believe that a RN pole spring works but I have heard that a SN spring can be modified (might want to look into this over on X-h20 or PWCToday).

    Last on the list would be the chin pad. I have made the stock SN pad work in the past with slight cutting and scrap aluminum but sooner or later that will break (I managed to destroy mine on the first nose stab). There are many aftermarket chin pads that are much lighter than stock and can take years of abuse unlike any stock (SN or RN) chin pad.

    The SN to RN pole conversion isn't a simple bolt on however it isn't too difficult either.
    Never once have I seen anyone go back to a SN pole once they did the conversion.

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    Thanks for the info. He registered to become a hulkster this morning while I was talking to him about it. He is interested. He has a Kaw 900 stand up that needs the same. As well as an 04 RXP and an 07 Malibu Wakesetter.

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    4 blue handle poles left.

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    What year did the poles come off of, and how much to ship to wisconsin, I could possibly use two of them

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    Sorry for the bump

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